Baby boy kissed by Pope Francis, moves crowd to tears

Kolbe Francis Power, one-and-a-half-year-old who was kissed by Pope Francis. (WJLA/ Richard Reeve)

One-and-a-half-year-old Kolbe Francis Power is back in his Sterling home, hard at play, after an amazing encounter with his middle-name namesake.

"Butterflies. Just nervous and excited," said his mom Kelly.

"It's crazy," added her husband Mike. "Just hard to describe."

The Powers are still pleasantly stunned about the encounter with Pope Francis Wednesday morning.

"You know, it's like Francis meet Kolbe Francis," said Kelly Power, with a smile.

Hours before Francis's arrival, Power and a friend decided to brave the papal traffic, with Kolbe in tow.

They got a front row spot, right behind a barricade.

"We actually had a nice lovely couple that kind of motioned to us 'oh you have a baby come stand next to us'," Power explained.

"The Pope might stop," the couple told her.

"We were like, yeah right, that's not going to happen," Power recalled, laughing.

And then, one of those moments, when time stands still.

As the Pope rolled up, a security officer came over, and gently pulled the child from Power's arms.

"He just kind grabbed him and brought him over to the Pope," she said. "We kind of sat there in awe and watched him kiss Kolbe and give him a little blessing ."

The encounter made world news.

The bonus for the Powers? They'll have a lot to show their baby when he gets a bit older.

"The fact that he just happened to pluck Kolbe out, and give him a big ole kiss, I mean it's just crazy," Mike Power said.

That emotional moment made Kolbe one popular little guy.

"People kind of swarmed," his mom recalled. "I was a little shocked at how the reaction of people around us."

That included people wanting to hold Kolbe, take pictures with him, even touch him, the Powers say.

The family says all of this is making them reflect on their own faith. How a chance meeting with a Pontiff, will remain with them for the rest of their lives.

"People cry. They see it and they are so moved," Kelly Power said. "I feel like everyone just got a little glimpse of that love."

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