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Violent crime in DC is on the rise. 7News wants to know do you feel safe in the city?

Crime scene in D.C. (7News){p}{/p}
Crime scene in D.C. (7News)

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It's no secret, violent crime is on the rise in Washington, D.C. The latest murder, carjacking, or shooting is all over television and social media.

In fact, violent crime in D.C. is up 10%. Spend time on the streets in the District like all food truck owners, and crime will track you down.

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"Both my Hyundai's have been tagged. I just got my truck back. They popped the ignition. They busted my windows. My daughter's, her Kia was stolen. Trashed in one week. It is horrible,” said Brisa Valentin who owns and operates a food truck in the District.

This year, D.C.’s overall crime rate is up 27% compared to last year. 7News wants to know, do people who live here in the District feel safe?

Homicides are up 12%. Sex abuse incidents are up 53%. Vehicle thefts were up 110% in May.

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The Alliance for Concerned Men, a long-running community-based organization, is on the frontlines.

"I think there is [the] ability to feel safe but we are not negating the reality of what is currently happening to our brothers and sisters consistently,” said Executive Director Terrance Staley with The Alliance for Concerned Men.

According to FBI data, D.C. ranks 80th in the top 100 most dangerous cities in America. Tyrone Hall is one of this city's latest shooting victims.

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"I feel very safe as me, you know what I'm saying, as a human being, but for my kids, no. You know what I'm saying 'cause I want to bring them up in a safer, positive environment,” said Hall.

D.C. has one of the higher murder rates in the nation. Last year, 203 murders in D.C. This year, 76 murders--- a 12% increase.

Peace Fellowship Church Pastor Delonte Gholston who is part of Peach Walks D.C. is another positive force on the streets trying to save lives.

"Yes, I feel safe because I know my community. I feel safe because we organize neighbors and residents to keep our people safe,” said Pastor Delonte Gholston with Peach Fellowship Church.

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7News is being told small success stories through neighborhood organizations that are helping curb the violence.

"There is a real professionalism and dedication and commitment and also a comprehension when it comes to violence reduction and ingenuity in that,” said Staley.

Maybe the bigger question is: Will it be enough?

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"Part of what keeps us safe is returning to impacted communities over and over again and making sure kids have what they need. Advocating for the City Council and our mayor to provide the mental health resources, the park and recreation resources, the violence prevention and mediation and intervention resources that are families desperately need,” added Pastor Gholston.

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