To buy or not to buy: homemade vs. store-bought

How to save money and boost nutrition in minutes. (ABC7)

While it’s easy to toss that jar of mayo or salsa in your cart, registered dietitian Andrea Goergen says we can save money and boost nutrition in minutes by making our own. She shared five common condiments to test our taste buds in around of homemade vs. store-bought. All recipes can be found at

  1. Salsa - 5 minutes, less sugar and sodium, fresher taste and cheaper
  2. Hummus - 10 minutes, no preservatives, creamier, less sodium and preservatives, cheaper (have tahini on hand or make your own)
  3. Pesto - 2 minutes, 5 ingredients, great for salvaging older greens, less sodium and no preservatives, cheaper
  4. Mayonnaise - 2 minutes, 4 ingredients, no preservatives or sugar, very versatile and cheaper (lighter cooking oil on hand for best flavor)
  5. Chicken broth - longer time, but mostly hands off and well worth the wait, use chicken bone and vegetable scraps from the freezer, add herbs and simmer, much cheaper, less food waste, less sodium and sugar, no preservatives
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