The World Wide Webers offer tips for traveling while pregnant or with toddlers

The World Wide Webers share their plan for stress-free holiday travel. (ABC7)

Erica, Christopher, Nala and Metta Weber, better known as the World Wide Webers, have visited more than 40 countries across five continents, and know all too well the trials of trekking as a family. The globetrotters have taken their lessons learned and shared tips to reduce your travel troubles this holiday season.


  • Bring a Fit to Fly letter from your doctor specifying dates of travel
  • Use special assistance or family lanes at airports so you don't wait in long lines unnecessarily
  • Check your specific airline's rules on pregnancy flying, everyone chooses different cut off dates
  • Don't hide the belly, show it off! The more the airline staff knows you're pregnant the more helpful they'll be with everything from early boarding to extra waters
  • Now isn't the time to squeeze into the lowest cost seat, if possible book some extra legroom for those swollen pups that used to look like feet


  • Book vaccinations no closer than a week before takeoff to avoid any issues. Vaccinations bring on diaper blowouts, fevers, and grumpy children.
  • While not paying for your under 2-year-old to fly is great financially, having to sit with them on your lap is not. Ask every gate agent and flight attendant you meet multiple times if the flight's full and if they can move people around so your family gets a coveted free open seat.
  • Unidentifiable Filthy Objects find their way onto a toddler like aliens to Will Smith. Guard against probes and germs by always having sanitizing wipes within easy reach.
  • Disney apps, Mothergoose Club, iTunes movies, and YouTube Red now makes it possible to download pretty much anything that will keep your toddler entertained on the flight.
  • I carry 3 levels of snacks in my bag ranging from healthy to "ok fine just eat a cookie and be quiet." If they're chewing they're not screaming!
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