Surviving the holidays as a divorced parent

Tips for surviving the holidays as a divorced parent. (ABC7) 

Divorce is challenging under any circumstance, but particularly hard to navigate with children involved. Blogger Candidly Kim offered a lesson in balance with seven steps to survive the holidays as a divorce parent.

B - Brace yourself. Being without your child for any significant of time, especially during the holidays, is very hard. Accept this new normal and be prepared for the roller coaster of emotions you may experience.

A - Acknowledge your child’s emotions. The whole idea of having to split their time up between both parents will be new for them. Start early by having preparatory conversations with your child to ensure questions are answered and doubts are canceled out.

L - Leave room for flexibility. When planning out the logistics with the other parent, set emotions aside and try to come to an agreement that’s suitable for both parents.

A - Address the other parent with respect when you're communicating with them. Allow your child to see that you're both able to be civil and cordial despite the circumstances.

N - New traditions for your new family structure. Setting new traditions can be a great activity for you and your child to do. It gives them something to look forward to that is centered around your new family.

C - Control your spending. Don’t allow any guilt to drive you to overspend on your child or out-gift the other parent.

E - Embrace the new you in this situation. Plan something fun to do while your child is with the other parent. Don’t allow yourself to get caught up in any negative emotions.

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