Skewer delights from morning to night

    From breakfast to dessert with sweet and savory skewers. (ABC7)

    Grilling season calls for a classic kabob around the fire, but those tasty bites on a stick go far beyond the barbecue. Nutritionist Valerie Agyeman dished skewer delights to take you from morning to night.

    Dishes featured

    • Energizing Breakfast Skewers (Mini Banana, Pancake, blueberries on stick)
    • Rainbow Veggie Skewers
    • Zesty Chicken and Mango Skewers (chicken, mango, herbs, grape tomatoes + side of whole grain+salad)
    • Strawberry Brownie Dessert Skewers (brownie, strawberry, marshmallow, chocolate drizzle)

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