Six first aid hacks to help bumps, bites and burns

First aid hacks with Carolina King. (ABC7)

Summer may be winding down, but there’s still plenty of outdoor fun in store for kids heading back to school. Of course that also means more bumps, bites and burns. Carolina King of the Mama Instincts blog showcased six first aid hacks that you have to try.


1 - Aloe Vera and witch hazel for scrapes and burns (including sunburn)

2 - Use honey to heal cuts after cleaning with a saline water solution

3 - Use butter or pineapple to prevent bruising

4 - Use banana peel to stop mosquito bite from itching

5 - Use regular glue to remove splinters

6 - Treat bee sting with baking soda paste or an onion to relieve swelling, pain and itching

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