Resolving to grow as a family in 2018

A plan to improve relationships with those who matter most. (ABC7) 

While millions are focused on personal resolutions to improve their mind, body and spirit, a big part of their success relies on the support of family. Blogger Candidly Kim says it’s key to set resolutions together; she shared her steps to grow strong as a family in 2018.


G – Give back in some way.

R – Rest and relax more often.

O – Open and candid dialogue is a must.

W – Write down your memories for each month as the year progresses.

T – Take a family vacation. Don’t get sucked into the “work/school, eat, sleep, repeat mode.”

H – Healthy activities are great for relationship building.

+ Bonus: Don’t let distance restrict you from connecting with your family members that are miles away.

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