Powerful pregnancy: Staying fit when you're expecting

Jade Root shares tips for a healthy and fit pregnancy. (ABC7)

Maintaining a healthy diet and fitness routine is always a good thing, but it’s especially important in prenatal care. Studies show that women who exercise throughout their pregnancy experience improved well-being, more energy and an easier delivery.

Army officer and national fitness competitor Jade Root shared her fitness tips for a healthy pregnancy. The mother of two - soon to be three - starts her day with a double-berry smoothie. But she says staying fit during pregnancy goes beyond healthy eating. She says the key is to keep exercising. Many women tend to stop exercising when they get pregnant, but Root shared easy and safe exercises to try while you're expecting. The fitness guru suggests that soon-to-be moms use resistance bands in their pregnancy workout routines.

"They have some new research out that says when you're pregnant and you're doing resistance training, it actually helps with nausea, insomnia and also the back pains we get," Root said.

For more pregnancy fitness tips, check out Root's Instagram page.

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