Overcoming impostor syndrome

Conquering impostor syndrome with Eileen T. O'Grady. (ABC7)

The new year grants the opportunity to tackle goals with renewed vision and esteem. But for many, a cycle of self-doubt prohibits them from moving ahead. Nurse practitioner and wellness coach Eileen T. O’Grady discussed the often crippling effects of impostor syndrome and how you can overcome it. Learn more at

Steps to overcome impostor syndrome.

Own your Experience

  • The hallmark of competence - knowing what you don’t know
  • Being wrong doesn’t make you a fraud
  • Dump the perfectionism and social comparing
  • Accept you have a role in your success
  • Avoid undermining yourself Out loud

Harness the impostor into a force for good

  • Ask better questions (BBCs: Brief, Brilliant Comments)
  • Faking things actually works
  • Being an outsider is healthy
  • When you hold back, you are robbing the world
  • Confidence can be practiced
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