GMW joins the fight to "STOMP OUT BULLYING" with Empowerment Essence & The Most-Visions

Shenetta Malkia and Tyronda Boone are here to share how to help end bullying for Stomp Out Bullying Day. (ABC7)

From being bullied to, thankfully a failed suicide attempt, Shenetta Malkia is using her own personal story to help young girls in the area dealing with similar issues. While Tyronda Boone is giving a voice to those who thought they had none at all. Malkia is the CEO of Empowerment Essence which is centered around the motto, "One Life Save Is One Life Given." Ty Boone is the CEO of The MOST Visions, which aims to offer positive performing arts programs to the community and is hosting multiple events this month to create a "Bully Free Zone." Both were on the show today to discuss the importance of World Day of Bullying Prevention and how you can join them in their mission!

The MOST Vision dancers also performed a portion of their piece entitled, " Cyber Bullying Makes Me Wanna Holla."

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