How to grow your own vegetables using leftover veggie scraps

Jessica Claire Haney of demonstrates how to easily create a sustainable food supply at virtually no cost by using leftover veggies. (ABC 7)

If you’re like many in the DMV, it can be hard to find the time and space to tend your own garden. But Jessica Claire Haney of joined "Good Morning Washington" to show you how to create your own indoor food supply at virtually no cost.

Haney says you can easily create your own sustainable food supply re-using leftover veggies. Here are some vegetables you can grow and regrow in just a couple weeks:

1. Green onions

Never buy onions again! Place the white ends in the water and put the pot in sunny spot. Once new greens grow, eat them and repeat.

2. Romaine lettuce

Cut off the leaves and stick the base in water in a sunny spot. New leaves will grow from the center. Plant in soil.

3. Celery

Cut off stalks to a few inches and stick base in water in a sunny spot. New leaves and shoots grow from center. Plant in soil.

4. Carrot

Place top in water in a sunny spot and wait for green tops to grow. Use tops in salads, teas, etc. Does not grow new carrots.

5. Basil

Place stems in water in a sunny spot. When roots have grown sufficiently, plant in soil.

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