DMV Designed spotlights The Cookie Jar DC for National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

DMV Designed higlighted The Cookie Jar DC on National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. (ABC7)

Today is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day and our DMV Designed series celebrated with The Cookie Jar DC, which offers a tasty spin on the cookie we're all accustomed to. The local startup just launched this past February and founder and CEO Lindsay Larner stopped by for a taste test. For more information, please go here.

9 available flavors: choc. chip; vegan choc chip; sugar funfetti; peanut butter chocolate chip; oatmeal raisin; mint choc. chip; double chocolate M&M; lemon blueberry; dough sundae

The jars come with custom labels

Also available for delivery on UberEats

Can order online and ship nationally at

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