DCPS to implement changes for 2018-19 school grade in response to grade-fixing scandal

DCPS to implement changes for 2018-2019 school grade in response to grade-fixing scandal. (ABC7)

In response to a grade-fixing scandal at D.C. Public Schools that was brought to light last year, school officials say changes are being made to the upcoming school year.

“Creating clear standards all students must meet to graduate and holding all stakeholders accountable is key to ensuring our students graduate prepared for college, career, and life,” DCPS Interim Chancellor Dr. Amanda Alexander stated. “Everyone has a part to play in supporting our students toward graduation, and we are committed to ensuring that we have ample input as we improve our policies and regulations to do what is best for DCPS students.”

ABC7's I-Team has previously launched several investigations into the matter.

In a press release sent to ABC7, officials say the following proposed revisions were made on attendance and graduation requirements:

  • Increased flexibility with school schedules that will allow DCPS to build school days that meet the needs of specific school communities;
  • A system of early-warning notifications that will give students an opportunity to get back on track, and the removal of automatic grade reductions and failures (for 10 absences) that will create new opportunities for students to make-up work and demonstrate mastery;
  • The grade appeals process will be streamlined to ensure timely responses for families, reduce administrative burden, and ensure good stewardship of funds; and
  • Punitive consequences for highly mobile students will be replaced with opportunities to make up work and show mastery when transferring into a new school

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