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Is It Worth It? A locally produced soil additive makes big promises

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Right now, your yard likely looks like something that you aren't fond of. But of course, you want to transform it.

The average home landscaping job costs anywhere between $3,000-$10,000, depending on the size of your yard. So, if you are going to drop that kind of money, you want to make sure your garden is going to grow.

“It’s time to get the leaves out. The debris out and plant the annual flowers to make your yard look nice,” says professional landscaper and lawn-care specialist Sam Forline of Blue Collar Scholars.

Forline claims he's tried just about everything to find the best way to make his client's gardens look awesome. First, start by feeding the soil in order to feed the plant.

“it's important to mix this dirt with the natural dirt,” says Forline, “if we are just using this high nutrient then we are going to spoil whatever plant we put in.”

In other words, this stuff is pretty high powered. There are a wide variety of these soil conditions.

Things like compost that improve the condition of your soil or fertilizers that help add nutrients on the market that promise to perform miracles.

They range in price from $15-$50 dollars. With all the choices, what works and what's worth it?

We asked the scholars at the University of Maryland agriculture extension. The folks who study what's in stuff like this.

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“Fertilizer has its place. the beautiful thing about compost is it's going to improve the ability of the soil to hold moisture,” says agriculture analyst John Traunfeld, “When leaves fall of the trees in central Maryland, it turns into leaf grow and it goes back to our gardens.”

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