Sister, sister: Virginia High School has 5 sets of sisters on girls soccer team

Sister, sister: South County High School has 5 sets of sisters on girls soccer team.

There are few team sports that require as much synergy as soccer: where body and ball move in harmony to achieve success.

“Well we have 24 girls and that’s a big team,” says South County girls soccer coach Nina Pannoni.

Creating chemistry came easy this season for Head Coach Nina Pannoni because that unifying concept of family took care of itself.

Pannoni says, “I’ve seen like one set of sisters. I don’t even know if I’ve seen two sets of sisters.”

The Stallions don’t have one, two, three or even four sets of sisters. They have five.

“If you think about it it’s really weird but it’s fun,” says junior Keri Yoon.

“We basically could put all the sisters on the field, add a goalie and that could be a lineup,” Coach Pannoni says with laugh.

Sophomore Brady Bartee says, “I’ve never seen that before. Like everyone was surprised. Five sisters, on the team?”

“Yeah, I think it’s more fun than anything,” says senior Sarah Friday.

You can’t coach or teach the kind of inherent trust these young women have in each other.

Sophomore Caroline Perez says, “I think we push each other harder.”

The bonds of biology, from sharing a cherished life together, have created a cohesiveness you simply won’t find anywhere else.

“It’s like having a friend always with you. And it’s like we are all sisters,” says sophomore Emily Friday.

At a recent home game against the Woodson nervous South County parents watched as the Cavaliers , a clearly stronger team than the Stallions, controlled the ball for most of the game. But South County somehow held on for a tie. Parents say that’s a credit to the player’s tenacity and togetherness.

“It’s so unusual,” says parent Kevin Corsini.

Corsini says, coincidentally, there are two aspects to the team’s makeup that make this experience so gratifying. He says the girls clearly enjoy this bonding experience more than they imagined.

“It’s brought our kids closer together because now they kind of get each other,” says Corsini.

And their moms and dads can’t imagine a more convenient way to watch their daughters play.

Corsini says, “From a parents perspective it’s very cool. There are not many parents that can go through what we’re going through right now. This is kind of why you live.”

South County's postseason begins Monday with an opening round match at home against West Potomac. The Stallions finished the regular season 6-3-4.

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