7 On Your Side: Warning signs your trees are at risk

Warning signs your trees are at risk. (ABC7)

Crews with Adirondack Tree Experts were busy on Thursday.

“We probably have had more people calling saying, ‘Hey, I’ve had a dead tree on my property for quite some time and now I’m concerned that the hurricane is coming and it’s going to fall on my house,” said owner, John Anna.

Anna started Adirondack Tree Experts in 1994. He says the more rain we get, the more that homeowners need to be aware of their trees.

“Any tree is a concern when the ground is wet,” he said. “Any tree.”

He says taking care of your trees and keep a close eye on them is crucial.

“Just a quick, cursory glance will enable you to see if you have an issue,” Anna said. “The tree starting to lean, mounding on one side or the other, exposed roots, that’s a red flag that something isn’t good here.”

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