USDA accepts petition to stop high-speed pig slaughter pilot program

USDA accepts petition to stop high-speed pig slaughter pilot program (Scott Taylor/ABC7)

A quarter of a million people want the USDA to stop its plan to expand a high speed slaughter pilot program across the nation.

Compassion Over Killing delivered 250,000 signatures to the front doors of the USDA asking to halt its plans to allow facilities to slaughter hogs faster in order to free up federal inspectors to conduct other duties.

Compassion Over Killing says its undercover video inside of one the pilot programs has found egregious cruelty.

"Some of them are being prodded with electrical prods multiple time in sensitive areas like in the face. They are being pushed around. They are being dragged," said Scott David, who went undercover for Compassion Over Killing.

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The USDA is taking public comments on the new swine slaughter inspection system until May 2.

"There are several USDA inspectors who worked inside the same facility where our undercover investigator was and they have spoken out against this program," said Compassion Over Killing Executive Director Erica Meier.

PETITION: Not So Fast, USDA: Stop the Unhealthy & Inhumane High-Speed Slaughter!

The USDA emailed the following statement to 7 On Your Side:

“The proposed New Swine Slaughter Inspection System (NSIS) demonstrates FSIS’ continued efforts to modernize inspection systems through science-based preventive approaches to food safety. By implementing NSIS, FSIS would also conduct more offline inspection activities that are more effective in ensuring food safety; improve animal welfare and compliance with the Humane Methods of Slaughter Act; improve the effectiveness of swine slaughter inspection; make better use of the agency’s resources; and remove unnecessary regulatory obstacles to innovation.”

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