UNCLAIMED CASH: 7 On Your Side shows you how to find money you're owed

UNCLAIMED CASH: 7 On Your Side shows you how to find money you're owed (ABC7)

Just imagine hitting the lottery for a ton of money—really exciting!

The 7 ON YOUR SIDE I-Team has something even better .... cold hard cash just waiting for people in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C., to pick up.

Investigative Reporter Scott Taylor is showing viewers where all this easy money is and how you can claim it.

We are taking you along as we knock on door, after door, after door trying to track down people in the D.C. metropolitan area who have huge amounts of unclaimed cash heading their way.

Many like Ana Kenny have no idea its even there.

Ana Kenny: "Is this a joke?"

Scott Taylor: "It's not a joke."

Ana Kenny: "Somebody is playing a big prank on me."

The I-Team dug deep into a database we got from D.C. with more than 18,000 names. Some of the names are tied to as little as $50, and others a whopping $300,000.

Pamela McCannon had a tough time believing we were legit.

Scott Taylor: "Did you know you have $12,000 sitting with the District of Columbia?

Pamela McCannon: "No."

Scott Taylor: "For you to pick up. Come here let me show you. I know you are unsure aren't you? Right here. Is that you? Is that your name?"

Pamela McCannon: "Yes it is."

Scott Taylor: "Look at that. $12, 171.21 What is your reaction to that?"

Pamela McCannon: "Why you playing games?"

Scott Taylor: "Oh honey, I'm not playing a game. That money is there."

"Most of it is cash," says Gracie Musher who manages the Unclaimed Property Department for the District of Columbia.

Musher tells 7 ON YOUR SIDE unclaimed cash falls into categories like an uncashed paycheck, stocks, an old utility deposit or a safe deposit box that went unclaimed.

"We have probably about 1,600,000 records or more," Musher adds.

Wendy Bridges won Ms. Senior D.C. in 2015. And now Scott Taylor is walking up her driveway with $21,000 in unclaimed cash.

"This is a God send," Bridges says.

Bridges was contacted by a company alerting her to the money but it wanted a 10 percent cut. Some people we tracked down thought it had to be a scam.

Musher says it doesn't cost you anything so why not cut out the middle man.

"If they come to us they can get their property the same length of time. The same property and we don't charge a fee. It's all free," Musher says.

Bridges adds "7 ON YOUR SIDE is fantastic. You guys are always looking out for the little guys."

We spent the last several weeks trying to put faces with the thousands of names. Mary Brennan is one of the biggest winners. She's collected more than $100,000.

"I was absolutely thrilled. I had no idea that this type of money was out there," Brennan says.

Could you be on list of unclaimed funds in Maryland, Virginia or D.C.?

Scott Taylor to Ana Kenny: "I just want you to know you have almost $28,000 in unclaimed funds waiting for you to just pick up. What do you think of that"

Ana Kenny: "I'm absolutely flabbergasted."

So why is 7 ON YOUR SIDE tracking down all these people? We like making dreams come true and getting some fantastic hugs that come along with it.

Scott Taylor to Pamela McCannon: "What do you think of me now? I'm showing up at your door with $12,000.”

McCannon reaches out of her front door and hugs Scott Taylor.

Scott Taylor: "Aww. That's very sweet of you. I didn't expect that."

Pamela McCannon: "Thank you. Thank you."

If you want to check if you have unclaimed cash click the links below:

Washington, D.C. :



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