Tomiko Breland calls 7 On Your Side for limo refund

It was a night to remember for Tomiko Breland. Her 30th birthday party was an elegant affair with friends and family from all over the country. To cap the night, she and her husband Reggie hired a limo bus to give the out-of-towners a late night sightseeing tour of DC. Unfortunately, the driver was late, arriving at 1am.

“We asked him to take us to the Lincoln Memorial,” said Tomiko Breland of Alexandria. “We drive around for about 40 minutes in D.C. and then he pulls up to the Jefferson Memorial and tells us it's the Lincoln.”

They did eventually get to the Lincoln Memorial, but it was late and so the Brelands ended the ride. And after a disappointing tour, they asked for their money back from American Eagle Limousine. When that request was not well-received, they contacted 7 On Your Side.

Citing 25 years of happy customers, operations manager Stephanie Fleming personally apologized to the Brelands, giving them an $850 refund and credit for a future limo ride.

“It’s definitely because of 7 On Your Side,” said Reggie Breland. “Because you guys contacted them, and they had a change of tune.”

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