7 On Your Side: Tips on how to keep your family safe from Christmas tree fires

7 On Your Side: Tips on how to keep your family safe from Christmas tree fires. (Photo: ABC7)

Safety experts from the Consumer Product Safety Commission light up Christmas trees exactly alike except the one on the right hasn't been properly watered. The tree on the left which has been watered is lit first and never really takes off but 30 seconds later the unwatered tree is ignited and within 10 seconds your family is in trouble.

"Every year we see injuries. We see deaths. We see millions of dollars of property damages related to Christmas trees,” says Ann Marie Buerkle, the Acting Chairman of the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Thru the New Year, every day in the United States 200 people will be heading to the emergency room with a holiday decoration related injury.

On average 100 Christmas tree fires happen every year.

Here how to keep your family safe:

  • If you're buying a live Christmas tree check for freshness by making sure its needles are hard to pull out.
  • If it's an artificial tree make sure it's label says fire resistant.
  • Plus avoid placing any type of decoration near a heat source.
  • One last tip, if you have small children avoid sharp or breakable decorations.

For more Holiday safety tips, visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission's website.

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