Smuckers statement


Testing Results Comparison – Finished Goods versus Sole Ingredient

It is important to note the difference in the testing you referenced in the email. The test results you reported and reference in the email were done on finished goods – meaning a can of Gravy Train wet dog food product.

The test results referenced in the FDA materials were from testing on the tallow only, which was the minor ingredient used in the production of the wet dog food product and that we believed was the root cause of the issue.

Since the finished goods will have other ingredients included in the test results and the tallow was a minor ingredient, you would expect the levels of pentobarbital would have been significantly lower in comparison to the results for testing tallow only.

Also, important to note is the levels in finished goods were reviewed by the FDA and deemed to be low and did not pose a health or safety risk. However, as we have said previously, the presence even at these low levels, was not acceptable to us.

Retained Sample

We retain samples of ingredients and finished goods for a variety of reasons throughout the production process – including shelf life testing.

Testing for pentobarbital was not done on the retain sample prior to the news report.

Smucker Commitment

There is nothing more important than ensuring pet parents can continue to feel confident that they are making the best decision for their pets when they choose our brands. We are a company that loves pets and understands the responsibility we have in providing high-quality food for the pets we, and our consumers, love. As such, we announced in March, a new quality assurance protocol as an added assurance for pet families. The Company will test our pet products for the presence of pentobarbital. Although the Company has robust quality assurance procedures in place, we are committed to enhancing sourcing and supplier oversight procedures to help ensure this does not occur again.

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