Repairs finally underway for roadway shut down since August in Waldorf

Repairs finally underway for roadway shut down since August in Waldorf. (Photo: ABC7)

Happening during a deluge back in August. Rain overwhelming the conduit under Stone Avenue in Waldorf, as the soil carried away, a gas pipe exposed.

As weeks and months have gone by, neighbors have become fed up with the lack of progress that was being made with this project.

"It's been too long. It's frustrating. It should be taken care of and it should've bee done four months ago," said Waldorf resident Becky Pettko. "I mean, it takes longer to go places. You know kids can't walk through here because the sidewalks are caved in, too."

Pettko and others in the Smallwood community took to social media to reach out to 7 On Your Side to get some answers. Once ABC7 arrived on the scene Tuesday, a contractor for Washington Gas was working to cut off that exposed gas line.

A Charles County Government spokesperson telling us in a statement that they will now be reinforcing the barricades around the damaged roadway, and that a new custom fitted culvert pipe has been ordered.

However, complete repairs have to wait until it arrives in January. Pettko telling us she's happy to see some action.

"All of a sudden, equipment starts showing up. You guys are the first ones that came out here and did anything about it," said Pettko.

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