Pot pop-up shop raided in DC; 27 arrests made

Pot pop-up shop raided in DC; 27 arrests made (Metropolitan Police Department)

Last year, the 7 On Your Side I-Team gave you an inside look into pop-up marijuana shops in the District.

Now, DC Police is working diligently to shut down these types of pop-ups across the city.

Last week, 27 people were arrested after police raided a marijuana pop-up shop inside a back alley event studio in Northeast Washington.

Nobody was willing to talk to 7 On Your Side following the arrests but police did seize a large quantity of THC products and a gun.

Sources tell 7 On Your Side this was not the first marijuana pop-up shop held inside the location and organizers told management the events were in compliance with DC law.

At last year's pop-up shop in November, a vendor said, "We got edibles. We got flowers. All types of stuff."

The I-Team found tables full of vendors selling stickers, candy and baked goods. Plus, after cash exchanged hands, there was a gift of marijuana.

  • 7OYS Undercover: "How much for the bacon jerky, like a donation?
  • Vendor "$10."
  • 7OYS Undercover "$10. Ok."
  • Vendor "It's only 50 milligrams a bag. It's not going to get you like the most high."

Selling marijuana is illegal in the District and "gifting" it with a catch can lead to trouble too.

Over at NORML, an national advocacy group pushing to reform state and federal marijuana laws, there's a belief if marijuana was legal to sell in D.C. and was taxed pop-up stores would disappear.

"What you do see in places like California and Colorado is these gray and black markets pretty much cease to exist. People would rather go to a place that's clean, well lit, and will answer to the government and is all legal,” said Erik Altieri, the executive director of NORML.

If you are caught selling marijuana in D.C., you could face up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.

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