7 On Your Side gets answers on Poolesville High School renovations

7 On Your Side gets answers on Poolesville High School renovations (ABC7)

Students keep sending 7 On Your Side pictures inside Poolesville High School. Their building appears to be falling apart and there are warning stickers about hazardous asbestos above their heads.

“Everyday. You just kind of see the school deteriorating, like all the time," said Poolesville HS senior Bryce Davis.

Davis went to the Montgomery County School Board demanding answers. He's not the only one calling for action.

“They have big trash cans that sit in the hallways and you just see water, dirty water, collecting in these cans, “ said Poolesville HS senior Roshawna Marshall.

"One of the classrooms on the front side, you can tap a wall and you will have red brick dust fall out from it,” recalled Poolesville HS senior Angela Wang.

7 On Your Side first covered the deterioration of Poolesville High's 66 year old main building in 2013.

Since 2013, little has changed. MCPS's latest capital improvement program places 38 other school renovation or building projects ahead in line over Poolesville High.

"We've actually put a lot of effort into resolving some of the work orders on an expedited level this year and the past two years knowing that they have these additional concerns. But we are a school system of 206 schools, which means we get lots of work orders for tile breaking here, water leak there," said MCPS spokesperson Derek Turner.

As for a permanent fix, a new or renovated building, MCPS is still looking for the money.

It asked the county last month if it wants to team up, split the cost, and build a community center on the school site. Breaking ground is still a long time away.

"Usually it's about 4 to 6 years after we start the initial process of looking at the scope,” explained Turner.

"We're disappointed and we feel as though we're being let down because why are we any less than anyone else in the county,” said Poolesville HS senior Mackenzie Kovach.

"It kind of makes me feel we've been pushed under the rug a lot over the years,” added Davis.

Junior Ethan Groboski is running for student member of the school board to bring light to Poolesville's plight: "It's kind of upsetting but it's also what we have to do simply because there's simply no one else here to advocate for it."

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