7 On Your Side: Neighbors ready to hit brakes on cut-through traffic in Rockville

Neighbors ready to hit brakes on cut-through traffic in Rockville. (ABC7)

“You do hear and see cars just speeding by here,” said Chicheng Swift, standing on the front step of her Hillcroft Drive home.

On her street, the speed limit is 25.

“It’s very scary,” she said, of cars that come whizzing through the neighborhood.

“See, every car on the street, it’s all over 25 miles per hour,” she said, pointing to a car that sped by her home.

Yellow signs reminding drivers of the children at play in the area are scattered along the street. Neighbors describe the Rockville neighborhood as an otherwise quiet place. Now, drivers are using the road to cut through during rush hour traffic.

“When I come home from work, it’s like the whole thing here is lined up with cars,” said Teresita Phugbhud, pointing to the street in front of her home.

Some neighbors say that sometimes their own driveways are blocked with traffic.

“Even some people want to back out of their driveway and the traffic will not stop,” Swift said.

“They speed up more and it’s scary,” Phugbhud, said, of trying to get out of her driveway when the traffic is bad.

The section of Hillcroft Drive connects Georgia Avenue with Emory Lane.

Swift says she and other neighbors wrote a letter to the HOA voicing their concerns this summer.

“My grandkids, they don’t get to play in the front yard,” Phugbhud said. “I let them play in the backyard.”

An HOA board member says they’re in talks with the county and says he’d like to see a barrier put up on part of the road near Emory Lane blocking cars from turning in.

The Montgomery County Department of Transportation told the 7 On Your Side team that they are looking into this.

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