Mom fights for classroom cameras after West Virginia instructors' verbal abuse revealed


A secret classroom recording with disturbing comments made by instructors towards special needs students. It now has a community in an uproar.

The first protest over this recording happened over the weekend in Martinsburg, West Virginia, at the Town Center. The recording was made by Amber Park at Berkeley Heights Elementary School of instructors making disturbing comments to first graders in a special education class.

Park had a child in the classroom.

Instructor No. 1: "I ought to backhand you right in the teeth. How is that for anxiety?"

Pack says since our 7 On Your Side I-Team investigation earlier this month the community is rallying around her family.

"People are upset and they are pretty angry,” said Amber Pack, the mother of a student in the class.

Pack is fighting back with a petition asking for a law to be passed to bring cameras inside classrooms in West Virginia.

"In 24 hours we just reached 2,500 signatures. I hope we can get something done about it,” Pack said.

The school district was given the recording back in October and has yet to wrap up its investigation.

The teacher on the recording has resigned and two aides on the recording are on administrative leave without pay.

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