Medium Rare in Southeast D.C. allows people to deep fry Thanksgiving turkeys for free


Mark Bucher, the owner of the Medium Rare near the Navy Yard, has leant his deep fryers for free to a community hungry for turkey.

"We have folks who got a free turkey that had nowhere to cook it,” Bucher said, “and then we have folks that are being safe for Thanksgiving, all coming together."

We look around the restaurant, and Bucher has a point.

“No one is on their phones, no one is doing email,” Bucher said. “Everyone is talking to each other out here. It's like we're a 30-year time warp. It's amazing.”

With more turkey giveaways this year, Medium Rare is expecting to deep fry triple what they did last year.

Some were first timers to deep frying turkeys, while others were old pros.

Blue Smith and Kris Coates came not because they actually needed a turkey deep fried, they came to hang out with other people who loved the cooked bird just as much as they did.

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