Silver Spring homeowners want U.S. Postal Service away from their street


A Maryland neighborhood says Uncle Sam needs to get off their street.

Residents want the U.S. Postal Service to stop using Rogart Road as a launching pad to deliver mail in Silver Spring.

Rogart Road in Silver Spring is located in a neighborhood where people walk their dogs and kids wait with their parents to get on the school bus.

Homeowners, though, said they are not happy with one neighbor on the street: Woodmoor Post Office.

"The mood of the street is pretty ticked off," said Tim Proctor, who live on Rogart Road.

Dozens of U.S. Postal Service delivery trucks drive on Rogart Road, which is lined with homes on a daily basis.

“Most of the employees you talk to here say I've never been to such a crazy situation in my life," Proctor said.

All use the back gate of the Woodmoor Post Office off Rogart.

"We have had several close calls," said Heather Lee, who walks her child to the end of the street each morning to catch the school bus. "Both my son and daughter have almost been hit as well. We are very concerned.”

The post office uses Rogart Road instead of its front entrance off University Boulevard, a commercial street with heavier traffic.

"There was no gate. Then they put in a gate after and obviously probably the reason is University Boulevard is a busy street," Proctor said. "Why hassle with going out there when you can just come out of here, nice quiet street with nobody to slow you down?"

It's keeping residents up at night.

"At 4 a.m., I hear a nice rumble with my bedroom window right there," Proctor said. "That is the first delivery truck."

The Seven On Your Side I-Team did some digging.

According to documents obtained from Montgomery County, Rogart Road was established in 1940, but there was no post office access to it until 1961. That's when it appears the postal service started using Rogart Road and hasn't stopped since. There is no county document showing any discussion on permitting or denying commercial traffic on the residential street.

Montgomery County Planning Department documents:

US Woodmoor Branch Post Office inquiry:

The houses along the stretch of Rogart Street from Lanark Way to the back of the Safeway and USPS property were built primarily in 1940 and 1941. The last house was built in 1949. Here are the Plats from Montgomery County:

Plat 12848:

Plat 6200:

Plat 1193:

The I-Team spent months trying to get anyone from the postal service to answer a few simple questions on camera. Seven On Your Side even reached out to Post Master General Megan Brennan. Nobody would face ABC 7 News cameras, but the postal service did send an email:

Rogart Road is a public street with no restrictions. For decades the Postal Service has safely used the public roadway, our entry point to access the Woodmoor Post Office’s loading docks, to ensure we meet our commitment to provide mail service to Silver Spring customers.
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