Manassas post office employees tell 7 On Your Side their workplace is 'deplorable'

Manassas post office employees tell 7 On Your Side their workplace is 'deplorable' (ABC7)

The 7 On Your Side I-Team obtained pictures of inside the U.S. Post Office on Euclid Avenue in Manassas, Virginia. Sources inside the post office call the working conditions deplorable and even hazardous.

Floors in restrooms are dirty and sinks are nasty. Walls are covered in something and the soap dispenser is missing.

Floors near lockers are filthy. The break room is a mess. Trash and plastic delivery tubs tossed on the floor.

The ceiling is falling apart. There are ceiling tiles resting on top of a partial wall divider.

I-Team Investigator Scott Taylor first alerted ABC7 News viewers to this post office last year when workers complained about being overworked. They said they were clocking in with more than 90 hours a week and not getting paid for overtime. Plus, a mail delivery truck caught on fire.

The U.S. Postal Service is still refusing to answer ABC7's questions on camera but it did email:

β€œThe Postal Service appreciates the efforts of our hard-working custodians to ensure our facilities are safe, clean and welcoming to customers and employees.”

Sources inside the post office call it a hostile environment after claims postal officials told workers if any of you talk to the media you will be fired on the spot.

After the I-Team contacted the post office, it did scrub and wax the bathroom floors. That's a positive move, but people who work at the post office say the postal service has a long way to go to improve the working conditions.

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