Virginia bride-to-be purchases 'peacock' cake... What she gets is well, you be the judge

Bride's engagement cake goes to the birds (ABC7)

FAIRFAX, Va. (ABC7) --“We did have a joke that night… which was our cake.”

It was supposed to be an elegant, colorful cake for a peacock-themed engagement party.

“Guests called it a dragon, a dinosaur, the Loch Ness Monster,” the bride told ABC7’s I-Team.

“They were like, you actually paid for that?”

Roshni Dhillon, the bride-to-be, said she tried hard to laugh off the $135 dessert, saying she doesn’t think she was a “bridezilla.”

But then, her photo booth, which was prepaid for, never showed up.

“The photo booth was really upsetting,” Dhillon said. “Those are moments stolen from my event.”

The photo booth, which was less than $200 on Living Social, was a good deal.

The photo booth owner told 7 On Your Side that she blames her contractor for skipping the event and has closed her business for future reservations.

She also said she offered to give Dhillon her money back and supply the service for a future event free of charge. But not wanting to trust the company for an event as important as her wedding, Dhillon worked with PayPal to get a refund.

As for the cake?

7 On Your Side Consumer Reporter Kimberly Suiters went to speak with the company that created the cake, asking the owner what she thought of the final product.

“I’m not that pleased with it…. Probably would’ve looked nice with a peacock on the side,” Camille Wider, the Sweet Cakes Bakery owner said.

Wider says had anyone complained to her, she would’ve returned the money… anything to avoid getting trashed on Facebook.

“They never contacted me,” she told 7 On Your Side.

Dhillon did get money back for the cake. But it wasn’t from the bakery, it was from her bank.

“Are you surprised your bank gave you money back for an ‘ugly cake’?” Suiters asked.

Responding first with a laugh, Dhillon said yes.

“It just shows [the] difference between customer service.”

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