Less than half of DC Public Schools seniors 'on track' to graduate, official report shows

FILE Less than half of DC Public School seniors 'on track' to graduate, official report shows (AP Photo/The Orange County Register, Mark Felix, File)

Less than 50 percent of DC Public Schools seniors are currently on track to graduate in 2018, according to a report released by DCPS officials.

Overall, just 42 percent of public school seniors citywide are on track, the report shows.

"On track" is defined by the report as students who "are currently passing or have passed all courses required for graduation."

According to the report, 19 percent of DCPS seniors are "moderately off-track" defined as "failing one or two courses, but can earn credits through credit recovery or summer school", and 12 percent are "significantly off track," a title reserved for seniors who are "not expected to graduate in June or August 2018."

See the full report here:

Luke Moore High School and Ballou STAY High both reportedly have 52% of seniors who are currently "significantly off-track to graduate", the highest in DCPS. Roosevelt STAY High School is third in that category, with 47% of seniors significantly off track, according to the report.

DCPS says this is the first report of its kind showing “more transparency", coming on the heels of 7 ON YOUR SIDE's investigation into allegations of grade and graduation rate fixing across the District.

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