7 ON YOUR SIDE: Thousands of dead fish pop up on Chicamuxen Creek shoreline

7 ON YOUR SIDE: Thousands of dead fish pop up on Chicamuxen Creek shoreline. (ABC7)

If you love to fish, what’s happening along Chicamuxen Creek in Charles County might make you sick.

Thousands of fish are popping up dead on the shoreline and people who live here are stinking mad.

The 7 On your Side I-Team interviewed several home owners who say "The next day after about 12 hours we end up with thousands of dead fish."

Residents say it’s happened before and claim the dead fish pop up after commercial fishing boats use large nets in the water.

The I-Team tracked down Alfred Grinder, a fifth-generation commercial fisherman who admits the dead fish came from his nets.

Grinder declined to be interviewed but did issue a statement:

I was in compliance with MD Department of Natural Resources law which states:
Anglers to remove and kill any Blue Catfish they catch; as they are invasive top predator and pose serious and long term threat to our native species.
Violators could face up to a $2,500 fine.
Some of Blue Catfish were released dead while fishing the haul seine. However, it was in accordance with MDDNR regulations
Alfred Grinder 5th generation Commercial Waterman of 50 years

We checked and the State of Maryland discourages catch and release of Blue Catfish. It's an invasive fish and poses a threat to native species. It's illegal to transport live blue catfish into another body of water and those that do face a $2,500 fine.

Residents have filed complaints with the State but say no matter what the outcome... this stinks adding "Please don't kill if you are not going to take it with you. Don't leave these fish here."

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources tells the I-Team that the fishermen are not violating any laws. Sometimes dead fish do appear after commercial fishing but usually in a much larger body of water where they are not noticed.

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