Is it worth it? Eyeing up the cost of eyelash extensions

    Eyeing up the cost of eyelash extensions. Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2018 (ABC7 photo) <p>{/p}

    J-LO loves them. Kim Kardashian wouldn't leave home without them. And Beyonce wouldn't be caught batting her eyes without a pair of mink eyelash extensions on.

    The stars have made eyelash extensions widely popular. Now, many of us must have them.

    At DC Lash Bar, ABC7 News ran into longtime customer Sonya Ott who told us “I'm a Korean American so I have no eyelids. And when I put my eyelashes on it enhances my whole face. And it does, it makes me look beautiful."

    Lash extensions, believe it or not, have become big business. And it's delicate work. It's just like hair extensions for your head. The technician attaches the artificial lashes one by one to your own. But for the average busy lady living on a budget, are eyelash extensions worth it?

    Carol Manana of DC Lash Bar says, “If they can minimize having to put on makeup and trying to make themselves look beautiful to go out and take on the world, then extension do that for them.”

    So how much do the extensions cost? A full set of extensions runs anywhere from $150- $400 dollars for both eyes. And since all of us lose two to three eyelashes a day naturally, every two to three weeks you have to come back for fill-in lashes.

    In total, it could run as little as $300 or as much as $600 a month to apply and maintain it.

    It's the price you have to pay to keep those eyes looking good. A price that Ott gladly pays. “I wanted those big beautiful lashes, and now I can have them with these extensions.”

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