I-Team Investigation: Speed camera refunds in College Park

Speed camera (MGN Online file photo)

Some speed camera controversy in College Park, Maryland. Hundreds of drivers were ticketed but it turns out thanks to I-Team Investigator Scott Taylor more than 600 of you are getting those tickets thrown out of court.

This all has to do with a speed limit sign and a speed camera that just wasn’t in the right place and now College Park is out more than $27,000 in fines.

Our Scott Taylor got a tip from one of his sources something odd was happening along Baltimore Avenue in College Park, Maryland.

Last September, a speed camera appeared to be ticketing drivers in a 25 mph zone but the camera was actually focused in a 30 mph zone.

Five drivers disputed the tickets and the City of College Park dismissed their tickets citing drivers might have been confused over the placement of an old 25 mph speed limit sign.

The old 25 mph speed limit sign use to be farther down Baltimore Avenue than it is now, and the old speed camera was a mobile unit on the ground down the street near a corner with its focus pointing into a 30 mph zone before the 25 mph speed limit sign.

Turns out it meant 685 drivers were wrongly ticketed.

Five miles per hour can be critical plus the speed camera was in the wrong spot.

Bob Ryan, the Director of Public Service for City of College Parks says “We determined in fact that was accurate. So we looked and reviewed all the citations that were issued after the new camera was installed.”

In October, 7 On Your Side contacted the city and started asking questions. Officials said they were reviewing the other tickets and on Thursday, two weeks after we first contacted the city, officials agreed with 7 On Your Side.

Scott Taylor asked “What is the reason you dismissed all the tickets, because we are talking about a lot of money.”

Bob Ryan “Well, absolutely but in the long run lost credibility if we didn’t do that would be very significant.”

If you did get a ticket at the corner of Baltimore and Guilford between September 7 and October 7 and paid it, you will get a refund in the mail. If you have yet to pay it you don’t have to do anything but double check just to be certain it’s been dismissed.

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