How to avoid scams on Giving Tuesday

How to avoid scams on Giving Tuesday (MGN Online)

Americans gave nearly $300 billion to charities last year.

This Giving Tuesday is a great opportunity to make a donation, but first, consumers should make good, informed, not emotional choices about who you give to.

That starts with doing a little research.

There's, and is run through the Better Business Bureau and it rates charities.

They look at things like program effectiveness, the board and how the money is spent.

Then, never give to someone who shows up at your door or calls you on the phone.

Also don't give cash. Never agree to wire money or overnight money to someone claiming to be a charity and watch out for sound alike names.

A lot of charity scams will use names like, cancer, children's, American heart to sound similar to legitimate organizations.

Finally, when giving online make sure the web address of the sites starts with with https://

The bottom line is if you don't really know who you are giving to, you stand a good chance at losing your money.

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