FAKING THE GRADE: Absentee students marked 'on track' to graduate in internal report

Photo of Ballou High School in Washington, D.C. Friday, Dec. 1, 2017 (ABC7 photo)

An internal report written by a Ballou High School guidance counselor in April 2017 to an assistant principal outlines which high school seniors were “on track” academically to graduate.

An I-Team analysis of the report cross-checked with student attendance records obtained by ABC7 News show several students with more than 50 unexcused absences, and one with 105 unexcused absences were listed as “on track” to graduate. 7 On Your Side is not posting the report because it contains student’s names.

“My thoughts are on what happens to students who are given a false sense of success. Who leave and graduate assuming they are prepared to enter into a university or college campus and they can't cut it. Or they are required to take remedial courses,” said Washington Teacher’s Union President Elizabeth Davis.

“We have had lots of teachers who have indicated that they are fearful of reporting such practices or policies at their schools because their IMPACT performance score will take a dive. The chancellor is going to have a deep investigation. He and I talked several times since that story broke. We have shared information about Ballou with the previous administration long before now, with some of the same information you now have. However, nothing was done about it,” added Davis.

DC Public School's deputy chancellor began what’s expected to be a 45-day investigation at Ballou High School with an all-day visit Thursday to talk to teachers.

DCPS said they could not comment on the internal Ballou High School report highlighted by the I-Team due to the ongoing investigation.

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