7 On Your Side: Maryland state agency responds to questions about dangerous crosswalk

(YouTube/Reddit user MidnightSky)

A chilling video that was taken on Sunday from a stopped car, shows a family legally using a crosswalk on their bicycles on Piney Branch Road near Sligo Creek Parkway in Silver Spring.

In the video, you can see a child making their way across the road when a car in the far right lane goes through the crosswalk nearly hitting him or her.

While ABC7 News was there Tuesday, ABC7's Jay Korff witnessed pedestrian and cyclists repeatedly dodging danger as cars frequently refused to stop at the crosswalk.

According to Montgomery County Councilman Tom Hucker, the problem with the crosswalk is that the Maryland State Highway Administration moved the crosswalk away from the nearby traffic light during construction while building a new pedestrian bridge at the intersection.

Hucker says he asked MDSHA to move the crosswalk back to its original location but officials wouldn’t do it citing construction concerns at the intersection. The states solution: erecting signs asking drivers to stop which they often don’t.

On Wednesday, Korff asked the Maryland State Highway Administration the following question: "Does your agency believe the present temporary crosswalk is as safe as it can or should be for the pedestrians and cyclists using it presently? If not, what is being considered to make that crosswalk safer?"

Read their response below:

"We engineer work zone areas to be safe for pedestrians, travelers and workers given limited space and construction activities. Our traffic engineers are reviewing the temporary crosswalk on Piney Branch Road at Sligo Creek to assure it is as safe as possible for everyone. MDOT SHA is meeting with the contractor tomorrow to see if we can accelerate the opening of the permanent crosswalk or consider any adjustments in the interim."
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