September is the best time of the year to buy major appliances, report says

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Now that back to school shopping is over and summer vacation deals are done, you may be looking to spruce up your home with new appliances.

Well, a new report by Consumer Reports says now is the perfect time to buy.

The organization has collected and tracked prices on a variety of products over the years so they know when you can find the best deals and the biggest discounts

Turns out, September is the best time to save on washing machines, dryers, dishwashers and oven ranges.

You can expect to save about 50 percent or more on a particular item.

Octavio Blanco with Consumer Reports says there isn't necessarily one specific brand or place to get the best deal but he encourages consumers to do their research.

"There are so many choices out there that you could be easily confused ,so make sure you if you see something that looks like a great deal, it's actually a great deal," he said.

He also cautions to check the ratings and reviews and make sure the appliance will suit the needs of you and your family.

But if you do find a good deal, don't wait too long — Blanco says you will start to see big ticket items made of steel going up in price over the next few months due to increased tariffs.

Another item on deep discount this month, just in time for fall — leaf blowers. We've seen some for up to 30 percent off at local hardware stores.

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