7 On Your Side: Best time to buy deals for the holiday season

7 On Your Side: Best time to buy deals for the holiday season. (Photo: ABC7)

If you have a 'shopping hangover' -- chasing down those Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals -- don't get weary, because there is no time to waste.

A word of wisdom from professional shopper and retail blogger, Trae Bodge from Slick, nearly 30 percent of shoppers are just getting started holiday shopping. And with the average shopper planning to spend around $625 this year on gifts, 7 On Your Side has a list of sales that haven't exactly gone away just yet.

"The best prices are on what I call activity items," said Bodge.

Gifts for kids, such as The Little Golden Books and game puzzles are available on sale both online and in store at Target. In addition, with other items that kids would love under the tree like the XboxOne, the Microsoft Store has savings on bundles and individual games.

If you're in the market for a new drill, Lowe's and Home Depot have some -- along with other tools on sale this month with savings of up to 40 or 50 percent.

And the sale signs haven't come down since Black Friday at Macy's, as the big box store has sales on clothes, shoes and more.

In addition, Zara and Nordstorm Rack have also slashed prices on winter outerwear.

"If you still have some decorating to do, holiday decor will be on clearance," said Bodge.

Things not to buy right now, even though you see the sale signs: jewelry. Sales on jewelry items will be better in February, so it is best to hold off on those purchases until them.

Lastly, one end of the year deal to look out for is artificial Christmas trees. The prices will drop dramatically right after Christmas.

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