ABC7 questions to Smucker's regarding pentobarbital in dog food

· How does Smucker’s ensure supply-chain quality?

· What safeguards does Smucker’s have in place to make sure adulterated ingredients and proteins from unknown sources do not get into its supply chain?

· Does Smucker’s inspect or audit its suppliers and if so, how frequently?

· Does Smucker’s test its ingredients? If yes, for what and how frequently?

· How will Smucker’s investigate our findings?

· If Smucker’s determines the adulterated ingredients containing pentobarbital came from the same supplier, what will the company’s response be?

· Since pentobarbital can never be used on animals intended for food, from where does Smuckers suspect the euthanasia drug may originate?

· Would Smucker’s support meaningful upgraded labeling standards that are more transparent so consumers actually know what’s in the food they’re buying for their pets?

· Would Smucker’s support a required industry-wide disclaimer on all foods that do not have the USDA stamp of approval that would say something like this: this product may contain rendered, non-farm animals that may have been exposed to pentobarbital?

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