ABC7 questions to FDA regarding pentobarbital in dog food

    How does the FDA think pentobarbital is getting into pet food?

    Since the drug is not permitted to be used on animals intended for food, where is it coming from?

    Why has the FDA not fully complied with a Congressional directive from 2007 (after the deadly melamine scandal) to upgrade labeling and safety standards for pet food – providing consumers more transparency and assurance that pet food is safe?

    Why is pentobarbital still a supply-chain issue? Its existence dates back at least to 1998 when veterinarians were reporting dogs and cats with resistance to the drug and the FDA found it in more than 53% of detectable samples.

    If pentobarbital was found in human food, what would be the FDA’s response?

    Is the FDA going to do anything to address our findings – that 9 out of 15 cans of Gravy Train – bought in different states and online, with different lot numbers, contained pentobarbital? Validation tests were done at the same lab the FDA used in the Evanger’s recall last year.

    Why does the FDA’s Compliance Policy state it will violate federal regulation that bans adulterated ingredients in pet food?

    o (In order for the agency to have standing to contradict federal law, Congress would intentionally had to have left a “gap” in their intentions. If this is the FDA’s belief, please define the “gap.”)

    o Please provide scientific documentation to support the CVM’s claim that animals that have died otherwise than by slaughter do not pose a risk to the pets consuming them.

    How does the FDA protect pets?

    What is the agency doing to support truth in labeling on pet food products? Ingredients like: offal, by-product meal, animal fat and tallow are vague and essentially permit industry to include just about anything in the food.

    Given that pentobarbital is not used on animals meant to be consumed, would the FDA be opposed to mandatory labeling on pet food that states the product may contain rendered non-farm animals that may have been exposed to pentobarbital, or something similar?

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