7OYS: Obstructed stop signs turn intersections into danger zones at Reston Town Center

A blocked stop sign has turned intersections into potential danger zones at Reston Town Center. Wednesday, Aug. 22, 2018. (ABC7 photo)

Seven's On Your Side is responding to complaints about blocked stop signs turning intersections into potential danger zones at Reston Town Center.

It’s one of most the popular spots to shop in Northern Virginia.

"First of all I want you to stop filming. If you don't mind,” a Reston Town Center security guard says.

"Why do we have to stop filming?" I-Team investigator Scott Taylor asks.

Mall security interrupted ABC 7’s interview with Mike Hammer who says in July he was almost run over at the corner of Explorer Street and Freedom Drive.

"At first I was angry at her because I was like why didn't you stop at the stop sign but then I looked up and I realized that you have a basket of plants hanging in front of the stop sign so she probably never saw it,” said Mike Hammer, a Reston resident.

The Seven On Your Side I-Team drove down Explorer and took a second look at the stop sign and quickly realized how a driver could miss seeing the stop sign at the intersection as they zoom out of Reston Town Center.

Fairfax County Police and the Virginia Department of Transportation have no jurisdiction over the mall's stop signs because it's on private property.

Hammer says he alerted mall security on July 28 but for weeks nothing changed.

"It's enough for me to try and get it fixed. All it takes is one family walking the street knowing there is a stop sign thinking the car is going to stop and then just get killed,” Hammer said.

Hammer said a second stop sign is also partially covered at Market and Library Street.

While security was interrupting, a woman who lives nearby says she's seen drivers blast through, too.

"I live right there and last week I saw two people run the stop sign,” the unidentified woman said.

"Two people run the stop sign? So it's a problem?” asks Taylor.

"Yes. They don't see it,” said the woman who lives near Reston Town Center.

Security eventually asked the I-Team to leave, but within an hour also started removing the hanging baskets that were blocking the driver's views of the stop signs.

Reston Town Center declined to talk to the I-Team on camera but says, "The situation was addressed and taken care of."

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