7 ON YOUR SIDE: Undercover look at pop-up weed store in DC

7 ON YOUR SIDE: Undercover look at pop-up weed store in DC. (ABC7)

Marijuana is big business in the District and 7 On Your Side is taking an insider look at D.C. Weed.

7 On Your Side Undercover took hidden cameras inside a marijuana pop up store in Washington, D.C..

A Vendor inside the pop up store says "We got edibles. We got flowers. All types of stuff."

It's wall to wall customers.

Another vendor says "Those are both $40 donations."

7OYS Undercover asks "40 dollar donations?"

Vendor answers with "Hm hmm."

The I-Team found tables full of vendors selling stickers, candy and baked goods. Plus after cash exchanges hands, a gift of marijuana.

7 On Your Side Undercover asks "How much for the bacon jerky, like a donation?

Vendor says "10."

7 On Your Side Undercover says "10. Ok."

Vendor "It's only 50 milligrams a bag. It's not going to get you like the most high."

ABC 7 News witnessed several offers to transfer marijuana from a vendor to a customer.

Lt. Andrew Struhar with the Metropolitan Police Department’s Narcotics Department "You can transfer up to one ounce of marijuana to another person 21 years or older without receiving anything of value in return."

7OYS Undercover "How much for an eighth?"

Vendor "Sticker is $45 and you get a free eighth."

Some might call that "Gifting". Right now the I-Team is being told gifting is in a gray area of the law.

Lt. Andrew Struhar "We will look at it individually to determine if somebody is getting something in value in return for providing marijuana."

Adam Eidinger spearheaded Initiative 71 which legalized marijuana in the District in 2015.

Eidinger says "I think we are in limbo cause really we always intended for more legislation to be crafted by the DC Council to sort of complete Initiative 71."

He says the lack of expanding marijuana rights in DC is one reason for Pop Ups.

Eidinger adds “I would like to see 100 million dollars in new tax revenue a year from a robust legal marijuana program."

Back in the pop up store another Vendor says "That's an ounce of weed."

7OYS Undercover says "Really? How much?"

Vendor says "45 an eighth."

ABC 7 News also took our cameras inside a grow house in the heart of DC. Six plants anyone can grow legally in their home. This type of set up can cost up to five thousand dollars.

Grow Club DC is one business you can find in the District that sells supplies to grow your own.

Eddie Williams the owner of Grow Club DC Owner says "We're going to open up a new location here. So business is good."

Williams started Grow Club DC 3 years ago and adds "I definitely see more people taking it upon themselves to grow for themselves versus getting on the black market."

Back in the pop up store 7OYS Undercover asks "What are these?"

Vendor says "Those are gummies."

7OYS Undercover says "Oh they're gummies, ok."

Vendor says "And they are 100 a piece?"

Inside this pop up

Vendor tells customer "Start suckin'."

7 On Your Side watches as our hidden cameras capture multiple people lighting up and smoking.

Lt. Andrew Struhar tells ABC 7 News "You can use marijuana in your home or the home of another adult with their consent."

Right now the recreational use of cannabis is not being taxed in dc. In Colorado it is and last year that state took in nearly $200 million in tax revenue from the sale of marijuana.

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