7 On Your Side: Spending big on sunscreen, is it worth it?

7 On Your Side: Spending big on sunscreen (ABC7 photo)

We bathe in its warm caress. But linger too long and that sun kiss can turn into a slap in the face or elsewhere.

Sunscreen is the number one tool to protect us from the affects of the sun.

Dr. Noelle Sherber, a D.C. dermatologist, says all of us should apply sunscreen with a minimum SPF 30, a few times a day. However, all sunscreen is not created equal. Sherber says “It's not necessarily the brand or the attractiveness of the packaging that's going to make the difference, it's really what's inside that counts.”

In her office, Sherber offers patients sunscreens from Korea to Spain, some are more than $100 a bottle. Compared to an $8 bottle of pharmacy brand sun spray. Is it worth going top dollar? Not necessarily.

Sherber insists there are some things you must look for in your next bottle of sunscreen. “The first is to look for the words broad spectrum on the label," says Sherber.

This means you are getting protection across the spectrum of ultra violet light. If you don't see "broad spectrum"...don't buy the product.

Also, there are two different types of sunscreen bases..chemical and mineral. Mineral sunscreens, there are only two. Zinc and titanium. Everything else is a chemical sunscreen.

Moreover, make sure you apply enough, a full teaspoon for the whole body.

“The thick creams, Sherber says, “ it's going to be harder to get to that full teaspoon. An SPF 30 can quickly become an SPF five if you don't apply enough.”

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