7 On Your Side: Some HS football players may be ineligible to play in DC championship

Ballou High School (Photo: D.C. Public Schools)

DC Public Schools said Monday they needed to clear up "some confusion" district-wide about its student attendance policy.

This comes after ABC7 News reported Thursday that DCPS launched an investigation to determine if students were being allowed to play football despite violating attendance policy.

The district sent word late last week to its principals about what makes a student ineligible to play sports. Students must attend 2/3rds of all school days that year before the season they play. If students miss more than 3 school days unexcused during the season, they can't play sports, according to DCMR Chapter 27, section 2701.5(f).

7 On Your Side obtained detailed attendance records for some Ballou High School students. They appear to show at least 10 football players should be considered ineligible to play under district rules, and have been ineligible through most of the football season.

7 On Your Side is not naming these players, but they include some of the offensive and defense leaders of the Ballou Knights football team.

Without attendance records from other schools, ABC7 News does not know if there are more students considered ineligible to play sports.

DC Public Schools says they expect all of its principals to follow the policy and prevent students playing sports if they don't follow the rules. They do not plan to continue a district-wide investigation.

Ballou High School plays H.D. Woodson High in the Turkey Bowl this Thursday. 18 Woodson players were suspended after a recent fight.

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