7 On Your Side: MySchoolDC Lottery winners and losers

7 On Your Side: MySchoolDC Lottery winners and losers (ABC7)

The DC Office of State Superintendent announced the results of the MySchoolDC lottery Friday morning.

For 2018, of the 24,996 students who applied by the deadlines, 16,089 (64 percent) were offered a seat at a school they applied to through the lottery. Of those matched, 59 percent were offered a seat at their top choice, and 84 percent were offered a seat at one of their top-three school choices, according to numbers released by OSSE Friday afternoon.

Sylvester Bynum visited Washington Latin Charter School's office in Northwest Washington and hoped it was open during spring break. He doesn't want his daughter to go to her neighborhood school, Ballou High.

“We added her to the waitlist today. I just wanted to make sure they knew she was on the waitlist,” said Bynum, who added not getting his daughter on picked for Wilson High School made him feel “terrible.”

The MySchoolDC lottery is random, and not based on income or location.

For the past few years, the State Superintendent's office released lottery results the night before the March 30 deadline. Sleepless parents told ABC7 News they kept refreshing their web browsers overnight in vain. The lottery results posted just before 8 o'clock Friday morning.

"I was waitlisted at all schools last year. So, to have this happen again, it just kind of doubled the disappointment of everything that happened last year,” one Southwest Washington mother said wanting to remain anonymous because her middle school-aged son is still on the waitlist for some private schools.

At their top public pick, Washington Latin Charter, more than 200 people are ahead in line. At second pick Alice Deal Middle School, more than 175 students are ahead in line.

"If DCPS had the types of systems and programs already in place and the rigor in place across the board at all schools, then there wouldn't be this influx of parents trying to grab on to a few specific schools,” she said.

Families have until May 1 to declare their decision if picked by the lottery for their chosen schools.

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