7 On Your Side: Is it worth it? The best way to buy hearing aids

Seven on Your Side explores the best way to buy hearing aids. Tuesday, March 6, 2018 (ABC7 photo)

If you need one, you pretty much can't live well without one.

“He looks in my ears and says where are they? And I'm like what? And he says, 'Where are the hearing aids you didn't put them in today?'" Barbard Resnick said a doctor told her after a checkup.

Her doctor sent her to audiologist Lisa Spoors, who tested her hearing.

And Resnick really needed hearing aids. When she researched how much it could cost her, though, she was floored.

The doctor told her $6,000-7,000 for full treatment and hearing aids.

“You think about your smartphone which is this big and it's a thousand dollars for an iPhone X and now we're making something this big that's going behind your ear or in your ear," Spoor told 7 on Your Side.

Kevin Brassler and his shoppers at Consumers' Checkbook shopped dozens of hearing aid dispensers and found "huge, huge price differences from place to place for the exact same hearing aids for the exact same services.”

So is it worth it to just go to a hearing aid center and pay what the package for all the services together, the device, the counseling for the device and the testing of the device? Or is it best to shop a la carte so to speak?

“It makes sense,” Brasler said. "Once you decided what hearing aid works best for you to kind of shop around."

Buy the hearing aid and cut out all the other services. But both Brassler and Spoors say that won't be the best decision for your health.

Resnick opted for a payment program that allowed her to buy an affordable device and just the services she needed – all for just $3,700.

So with bundled payments, you pay one fee for the device and all the services. Unbundled, you pay for everything separately and shop for the best price for the device.

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