7 ON YOUR SIDE: Is cell phone insurance worth it?

7 ON YOUR SIDE: Is cell phone insurance worth it? (ABC7)

Americans have an undying love affair with their cellphones. What would you do without yours?

"Is it worth it to buy cell phone insurance? I definitely think so ... I've dropped mine in the toilet so many times," Cell phone owner Carmen Thorpe told ABC7 News.

“I've had insurance on my all cell phones for years now,” says fellow cell phone owner Sarah Attkisson.

Sounds like a great idea, but before you sign up consider Attkisson's story.

"It's supposed to cover accidental damage and stuff like that and like I say, you're paying $12 a month," Atktkisson said.

She's paid $12 a month faithfully for years and then one day recently she needed to cash in. She dropped her phone and the screen smashed. Not only that, soon after the phone went down she also smashed the face of her Apple Watch.

The watch was still under warranty. The phone? No problem, remember she has insurance, but when she filed the claim to get the phone fixed she was told she would have to pay up.

“I was told it would be a $175 deductible," Attkisson said, "When I asked the woman 'why is it going to cost so much?' She said we not only replace the screen we replace the whole phone.”

Jamie Lettis and her colleagues at Consumer's Checkbook aren't big fans of insurance policies or extended warranties on items like cell phones.

"Unless something is financially catastrophic to you, like you couldn't pay to replace that phone or get it fixed out of pocket, it's probably a good idea not to get the insurance coverage," Lettis said.

Attkisson ended up having the phone's screen replaced at one of those 'You break, We fix' stores for under $100. And what happened to the Apple Watch that was still under warranty?

"I'm not able to get it fixed,” she told ABC7 News. “Unless I pay $250 to get a whole new one.”

In terms of cell phone insurance, some people hate it, others wouldn't do without it. But is it worth it?

Experts told 7 ON YOUR SIDE, for most of us, the answer is NO.

Unless you are prone to dropping your phone a lot and you want the assurance you can get it fixed or replaced at no extra cost. Experts warn, however, make sure your read the fine print on that insurance policy before you sign on the line.

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