7 ON YOUR SIDE EXCLUSIVE: Mother speaks out after randomly being shot while driving

Iris Sherman, the 54-year-old woman who was shot on Dec. 21, 2015 while driving to in Rockville to pick up her son from the Metro station. (ABC7)

In a 7 ON YOUR SIDE exclusive, a Rockville mother, shares her story on television for the first time after she was shot while driving to pick up her son.

The random gunfire erupted on a street near Montgomery College just three days before Christmas last year.

Fifty-four-year-old Iris Sherman - a mother of two - started a business; she is the co-founder of Kitchology, an app that tailors existing food recipes based on a person's special dietary needs.

"I started this mission, because I wanted to help people," said Sherman.

But now she's the one who needs a little help to keep her body steady. "I walk with cane," she explained.

On December 21, 2015, it was dark out when she got into her car to pick up her 24-year-old son, Jonathan, from the Rockville Metro.

"After I proceeded from the traffic, something hit the car. It rocked like an was bizarre!" she recalled.

She said she looked around to see if she had been hit by another car. "No car. Nothing there. I took a deep breath and started driving again," she said.

Sherman only made it one more block before her mind and body caught up with what actually happened.

She remembered, "I looked over and I saw a hole in the car and I said, 'Oh my god I think it is gunshot!'"

It was then when she put her right foot on the brake. She'll never forget the physical pain.

"High pressure pain, almost a burning sensation. I just touched the leg and I lifted up my hands and there's a lot of blood," she said.

The mother later learned from doctors that the bullet lodged inside her thigh was half an inch away from almost killing her.

"One of the reasons why I kept driving was I was really afraid. What if it was a real shooter and he's going to shoot again?" Sherman questioned.

Despite the critical gunshot wound, she managed to call her son, Jonathan, who was waiting for her at the Rockville Metro.

She told him, "I don't know how to tell you this, but I think I have been shot and I am bleeding really badly."

Jonathan remembered that moment, "I actually physically dropped to my knees on the Metro platform." And, in his panic, he accidentally hung up the call.

Meanwhile his mother just kept driving, "Kinda went through a red light just kept driving and starting getting really dizzy."

Jonathan didn't know where his mother was, so he called 911. He said he had to do something.

"I said in very cohesive words to the EMT, there is a woman who has been shot in Rockville. She's my mother. You have to find her," he told the call operator.

The mother, now wounded and bleeding, managed to drive two blocks from the Metro station.

"I was conscious of my hands being full of blood, so I used my head to bang on the horn so that he could hear the horn," she recalled.

Her son Jonathan did hear the horn.

"She was losing blood really fast," he said.

"He literally carried me, picked me up," the mother remembered.

Jonathan continued, "And carried her to the passenger seat. With all my might at warp speed, into oncoming traffic, I drove right across to the fire station."

The random shooting. The fevered search for one another and the race for help was over.

But another journey was just beginning.

"You wake up every day and say ok I am still here," said the mother.

Doctors couldn't remove the bullet for three months.

Work was put on hold, therapy began... all while the family waited.

"We don't still don't have answers to this," said the son.

She said, "I am angry. I do want this to be solved."

So she turned that anger, pain, and courage into words on a blog titled, "Yes, I am that woman who got shot!"

The article got thousands of views and was even picked up by Fortune Magazine.

In the article, she declares, "I am a survivor, I am a warrior."

"I am warrior because I am fighting back. I will be whole again, I hope," she declared.


7 ON YOUR SIDE checked in with Rockville City police and detectives tells us the investigation is at a standstill. There are no new leads. No new witnesses. They're hoping this story helps shakes loose new information in the case. Police determined the bullets emanated from a baseball field on Martins Lane adjacent to the Rock Terrace School. If you saw anything at all please call the criminal investigations division directly at 240-314-8938.

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